New Zealand

We plan on landing in Auckland from Rarotonga on August 16th.  This will be our first OPEN JAW.  An OPEN JAW is an airline industry term used to describe when you land in one place but take off from another. 

For example, in this case we land in Auckland (on the north island of New Zealand) but we take off from Christchurch (on the south island of New Zealand).  OPEN JAWS allow us to adventure out and explore a little more than we normally would. 

None of our modes of transportation are set on these OPEN JAWS -- we just have to "wing it" and fend for ourselves.  Maybe you catch a train, or a bus.  Maybe you buy a cheap car or some cheap motorcycles.  Maybe you jump on a cargo ship, or like in this case you take a ferry from the north island of New Zealand to the south. 

As far as OPEN JAWS go, this one, hopping from one island to the other, is relatively simple.  As you will see, down the road we have some OPEN JAWS that are quite a bit more dicey.