We plan on being in Sydney for the Olympics.  This should be really cool.  We are going to try to get in to watch the shot put competition (something that Joel used to dabble in -- if you call obsessing over something for many years dabbling) along with any other cool events we get the chance to see.

Yes, we know it's probably going to be crazy there and all the prices are going to be jacked up -- but we are trying to reserve a stay at a youth hostel to try to save some cash.  No word on that yet.

After the "fire all of our guns at once and explode into space" at the Olympics, a big OPEN JAW awaits us.  We have to get all the way from Sydney to Darwin in northern Australia.  Bus, train, buy a cheap car or motorcycles -- who knows?  But the wonders of Australia will unfold before us as we blaze a trail across the land down under.